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Dual Quad Xeon or i7

27 Mar 2008
I have a current dual quad xeon setup which is used for 3D applications but its got some issues and one suggestion is that my psu is dying but no one knows for sure so i'm a bit lost. Thing is if this goes down im screwed because I work freelance pretty much every day on it so i'd be stuck if it dies.

With that in mind i was thinking about getting another computer that would serve as both a backup but also part of a render farm with the old computer.

But I wondered how a dual quad xeon build would compare to a single i7 setup as I beleive both have 8 cores, although 4 of which are virtual in the i7 (i've no idea what impact that has)

I'm guessing that a single cpu build would be laods cheaper because in my current build the ram is really expensive as is the psu and mb, so that may have a factor in the decision too.

Also, if one is just a render node, i assume youd just need a real cheap gfx card in it?