Ducky Quality/Feel but for less ££?

4 Mar 2003
Hi All. Many moons ago I purchased a Ducky Shine 3 Keyboard with Brown caps. I was a PC gamer at the time as well as using it for "work". I am so used to the touch and feel of a mechanical keyboard, I don't think I could go back to anything membrane.
Over the years some of the LEDs have stopped working - I'm told this was an issue with Ducky keyboards of the time, some cheap components were used. I think I've got about 8 keys out at the moment. I know that a soldering iron and some relatively cheap LED's could solve that little issue.
However, recently the keyboard took a fall of a desk onto a hard surface, it's actually managed to cause a little damage to the casing and the number-pad is being temperamental to say the least.

Looking around, the direct replacement would be a Ducky Shine 7 and that is going to set me back around £170.
Is it possible to get that same look and feel by purchasing another brand and sticking to Brown keys?
I'm not adverse to paying for quality - a quick check and the DS3 cost me £135. But obviously if I can get very similar but for less, I'd be interested.