Ducky - Varmilo - GMMK --- Which one should I choose?

22 Sep 2018

I would like to buy a new mechanical keyboard.

I've narrowed my options down to the
  • Varmilo VA109M CMYK (with Cherry mx silent red switches)
  • Ducky Shine 7 (with Cherry mx silent red switches)
  • Ducky One 2 RGB Full (with Cherry mx silent red switches)
  • The Glorious GMMK (with Cherry mx silent red switches and good quality keycaps)
What I want to use:
  • play computer games
  • programming
  • everyday use
I have quite a large desk space so I'm not too worried about full size.
The keyboard layout should be ISO.

My questions:
  1. Which of the listed keyboards has the best quality?
  2. How good is the white backlight offered by Varmilo?
  3. On the side of the mechanicalkeyboard, I read that the space key might get stuck in ducky shine 7 Do you have any experience, information? Is there a problem with One 2 too?
  4. The ducky and the GMMK have software, while Varmilo has no software. What are the disadvantages of this?
  5. Which keyboard is most recommended? Why?
Thank you
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