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Duel Monitor (LG 27GL850 & Acer Predator XB270HAb) resolution issues when gaming

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Alan Moffat, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Alan Moffat


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    I've recently picked up the LG 27GL850 (Free sync with gsync compatibility) to replace my XB270HAb (Gsync) as my main gaming monitor. The idea was to use the LG 27GL850 as my main gaming monitor, and retire the XB270HAb to act purely as a second display (for surfing net, twitch chat etc).

    However when i'm gaming (i.e playing CSGO) and tab out, the resolution of my LG 27GL850 goes straight to 1080p/60HZ, if I attempt to change it via nvidia control panel or windows display settings back to 1440p/144hz as soon as I click back to my desktop the changes are removed and it's back to 1080p/60HZ.

    I have zero issues when I'm not gaming, both monitors sit at the correct resolution and refresh rate.

    Extra Info

    - Both monitors are connected via the two displayports on my RTX 2080.

    - Native res of XB270HAb is 1080p, and LG 27GL850 is 1440p.

    Any ideas to what might be causing this to happen?