Durgod Taurus TKL any good? (What switches?)

20 Oct 2002
I've been working from home on an old HP KB-0316 which is fine for my uses but I've started playing a spot of CS:GO too and finding that a few keys are getting really sticky. It's super old, probably stolen from work. About time I upgraded. I've settled on TKL because my desk is quite narrow and I'm constantly twisting and moving the KB depending on what I'm doing. Not good.

Anyhoo, I've spent a couple of weeks researching. I like the aesthetics of it (no RGB and not gamer'y, and not black) but I'm unsure of what switches to go for. This HP keyboard is quite noisy but I've no idea about what's under the hood as a crude comparison. I'm thinking Cherry silent Reds would be a safe bet? I'm a fas typer but not a touch typer. I'm not really a big typer for my work anyway, just emails etc.

Thanks for any pointers, I'm off to look at Youtube video comparisons :o
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