E6300 / Gigabyte 965P-DS3 help

28 Sep 2006
hey, this is my first post on this forum.

first of all this is my setup:

321203 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, BOX, LGA775
311237 GigaByte 965P-DS3, P965, LGA775
420639 Maxtor DM10 320GB, 7200RPM, 16MB SATA300
350611 Kingston DDR2-533, 2x512MB, CAS 4
811059 Spire BlackFin IV Case, Black/Silver, No PSU
740375 LiteOn DVD/CDRW SOHC-5236V-02C, White
341374 Asus EN7900GS/2DHT/256M, 7900GS, PCI-E
820134 ThermalTake 460Watt Blue Light, ATX2.0

(btw im danish)

after my UK mate recomended this setup i bought it, and its running great stock, compared to my old PC, and it satisfied my needs.

one day he said to me he recomended it cause it can be OC'ed quite well and he send me this link:

and ofcourse i wanted more out of my system if i could, but i have none experience in overclocking, and i read on a few danish forums, but they seems to have none experience in overclocking this setup, and the i stumbled across this forum and read a couple of threads, and i could see a few people had some experience with it. thats why im posting here instead of a danish forum.

i've read your beginners guide, and it didn't make much sense to me, since im completely on rock bottom on this subject, so i decided to post here first and maybe get some more detailed guidance.

a pic of CPU-Z:

in the article they say Box cooler is enough to reach the 2.55ghz they clocked it too, so im hoping it can be done without changing any parts.

so let the posting begin and the mocking for beeing danish, and i hope my post will be well recieved

-regards Huffen-lars (Denmark)
20 Feb 2006
the thing most likely to hold back your overclock is your RAM. but it should be easy enough to get some minor overclocking in. Running 1:1, your ram will definitely hold you back, and unfortunately the DS3 does not permit any lower dividers. Ideally, to get it to 2.5GHz or so, you want 667MHz (preferably 800MHz) RAM. These will be a lot less limiting.

But the CPU and motherboard combo should be gold, I have the same mobo/CPU, admittedly with a better cooler and better RAM, and I'm 100% stable at 3.01GHz, pretty much on stock volts.

Check http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17610180&page=1 for more info on overclocking.
28 Sep 2006
i can't change my CPU clock ratio, if i change it in BIOS it says 7X266mhz on boot, but when i start CPU-Z its says the multiplier is 6

and if i change my CPU Host Frequence my Memory frequnce gets over its 533mhz speed, this overclocking thing aint easy :)-P)
26 Oct 2002
the changing multiplier is speedstep. open up cpuz and then run a program. you should see it ramp up to the proper speed.
you are right that your mem will hold you back but it might go higher than stated.
Have a look at Dukes thread in the motherboard section. (the official ds3 thread)
it's where i started and im at 3.2ghz.
a good bet would be to read it and come back and ask all the things you're not sure about.
everyone here is very helpfull.
welcome to the forums btw

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