Edimax EW-7728In - Very Low Connection Speed

27 Aug 2007
I have had this PCI Wireless card for a while and I have not got it to perform at all. It is slow to access internet sites, and sometimes it just doesn't want to access websites. I bought it because I read so many positive reviews on it.

I have installed the latest drivers from Ralink but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem (using Windows to connect to the network with a manual IP, also tried letting Windows configure automatically). It is current connected at 1mbps to my router (Billion 7700N). I have had this wireless card on a Linksys with DDWRT on, with the same results.

I put my Wireless N laptop next the PC and it connects at 52mbps, so I know the signal is getting to the PC.

Can anyone suggest things I can try? File transfering over the network is slower than copying the file to a USB and taking it to the laptop and copying it off the usb :(
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