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Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by craig_t, 12 Jan 2016.

  1. b0rn2sk8


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    You can’t switch until your new supplier picks you up. There is very little reason to switch until you know that the new pricing will be compared to the wider market. If you get put on the SVR then you’ll not get anything better by switching anyway.

    The current advice from all the consumer gurus like Martin Lewis is not to switch if you end up on the SVR because the SVR is cheaper than anything else and looks like it will be for some time.
  2. HungryHippos


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    ^ That was my assessment as well. Roughly 4p per kwh on gas and 20p per kwh on elec on the SVR, can't beat it really and I've searched.
  3. IceBear


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    Wonder who I'll get moved too :(
  4. IvanDobskey


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    Ok, thanks for the info.
  5. SixTwoSix


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    Same, current deal wasn't too bad, 17.85p standing charge, 3.15p on gas, 17.273p on electric.
  6. SixTwoSix


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    That's not far off my Avro rate tbh, 3.15p gas and 17.273p leccy.
  7. Disco_P


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    I was with green for a few months, they never sent me a bill and my account had £234 in credit. They have my first and final meter readings and I used £293 in energy so who knows what will happen
  8. b0rn2sk8


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    As we already have a 160+ page thread in home and garden picking this up with mostly the same conversation, do we need this thread as well?
  9. SexyGreyFox

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    Yes because I'm not allowed in that one.
  10. roadie


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    Jesus this is a full scale crisis isn't it!?

    I've a switch going through to Sainsbury's Energy on their 1 Year Fix and Reward v19 tarrif, which would be £55 a month for my usage. Although this is significantly higher than previous my previous supplier and 2019/20 prices, their newest v20 tarrif would be another £16 a month!
  11. Stovehead


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    You can't even login to Avro to download your bills.

    Luckily I downloaded the past 2 years worth of bills 2 days ago, except, for the September Bill.

    I have £103 of credit.

    Eon Next & Sainsburys don't even recognise that we have a gas meter.

    Our current bills are about £43 a month, looking like it's going up to about £70. (Small 2 Bed Flat, Ground Floor, Very well insulated with just 2 adults).
  12. ~Mike~


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    I left Green yesterday, was just waiting for the final bill and what should be a small refund from them, that might take a while now!

    I have no big complaints really from the 17 months I was with them, I gave monthly meter readings (email reminder each month) and they produced a bill within a couple of days. Only issue was getting in touch which recently took too long.

    E. Also did the Green Monday offer at the beginning of the year and had the foresight to ask for a refund in June for most of it.
  13. Stumble Bum


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  14. dante6491


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    The previous owner of my house had Avro and they were an absolute nightmare with shocking customer service. Feel bad for those with them but more deserved company going **** up I can not find.

    Potentially have a small gas bill from mid-august to the first week of September when they finally let me switch to Octopus. Not been invoiced though and the website doesn't show anything
  15. NuclearWinter


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    So I've been with Green for the past year or so but was in the middle of switching to Sainsbury's. The switch is due to happen on the 6th Oct, will that still go through?
  16. Musty Pie


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    Im on BG for gas on stanard variable, have been for ages i think, so is that basically the best place to stay at the moment?

    Im with bulb for electirc, just requested my credit from them in advance of the worries about them going under, I assume best thing is to wait to shop around until i know where they place me for my supply?
  17. tlrBeta

    Wise Guy

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    Another on Avro here, current DD is £88pm.

    Quotes looking like it will jump to £130-£150 cheapest, doh! British Gas coming out on top, crazy as it sounds.
  18. b0rn2sk8


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    I wouldn’t switch, just ride it out.
  19. 413x


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    Also can't log in to green! I think I had 130 credit too.

    I'm also mid switch and not sure what to do!
  20. b0rn2sk8


    Joined: 9 Mar 2003

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