enforce payment letter

7 Dec 2005
is this good enough to send the company owes me money for work done. iam giving the company 7 days then i'll go for the small claims court.


Dear Sir/Madam

Final Demand: £xxxx

Despite my previous requests for payment, the above balance remains unpaid. This letter is a notification of my intention to apply for a small claims court order and pass it to a debt collection agency in order to pursue payment and administration costs.

Your credit rating may be affected once the application of non-payment at the small claims court is processed.

If I do not receive payment or response in the next 7 days I will start to take action via the small claims court and pass it on to a debt collection agency without any further notice. Please do not hesitate to contact me on xxxxxxxxx, it is in your best interest to settle your account in full immediately.

If you have paid the above amount in the past few days, please ignore this letter.

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