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Er spec me a new camera please

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Abraxaz1, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. Abraxaz1

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    Hi guys and girl's,

    Well this morning whilst walking my toddler, my pentax k3ii gave up the ghost. (Mirror stuck half way and screen shows error when trying to take a shot).

    Have looked at what pentax has as replacements and not really that impressed. So I'm looking at migrating to another manufacturer. (Most of my lens are either old film era or can be sold on for some money).

    I was hoping to switch to a mirrorless system as the days of lumping a bag full of lens has long gone, I can just about have a satchel with two lens. Usually a zoom (24-70) and a portrait lens (currently a 77mm ).

    I'm stuck on the old m4/3, crop or full frame conundrum. Also I'm looking for a system with a good enough autofocus to keep up with a toddler channelling the spirit of a Springer spaniel on speed.

    Budget is up to £4k for body, standard zoom and a prime or two for portraits.

  2. tatts

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    If you go down the route of full frame mirrorless, the lenses are no smaller or lighter than the DSLR equivalents. I fell for this one when I chose the A7 with it being smaller and lighter but now I have a decent strap in the form of the peak design slide it doesn’t bother me carrying the 70-200 gm all day.

    Which one you go for is personal preference I think, it comes down to what you’re happy with size and weight wise.
  3. D.P.


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    As above, lenses are the same size and weight, often actually slightly bigger to accommodate the shorter flange distance. You will still have a big bag of lenses.

    Your options to reduce the lenses weight is to to go for smaller aperture or for a smaller sensor. In general, the smaller sensor reduces sizes significantly and gives a lot of flexibility, but what you can do with a smaller sensor is attach a fast lens and get the performance of a big sensor with a fast lens.

    If size and weight are a big concern then m43 is the way to go, nothing comes close.
  4. Abraxaz1

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    Joined: Jun 7, 2009

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    Currently looking at the fujifilm xt3 & sony a7iii.

    Going on a family trip next month might rent the two with a 24-70 And see what's best.

    As I have the stupid genetic code of clown hands, good for rugby bad for camera's
  5. sHo0sH


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    The tamron 28-75 is a solid standard zoom for the A7iii and comes in very light. It's what I have gone with myself and I'm very happy with it. I've come from a 6D with a 24-105 and whilst the weight different isn't huge it's definitely noticeable and the camera is certainly getting more use .
  6. EsaT


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    That Fuji doesn't have much any grip.
    Which is the important part of camera for hand "incompatible" with designed for Asian hand size -products.
    Even Olympus E-M1 II has lot bigger grip:
    Despite of starting to look small compared to latest Panasonics, which ditched good compromise size of GH3/GH4.

    If possible you should visit shop where you can try different cameras in hand.
    Four Thirds sensor would give plenty of flexibility in optics choises for travel package.
  7. Snapshot


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    There are a couple of L-brackets for the A9/A7 III range that provide a useful amount of grip extension. I have the Gabale one on my A7R III but the Small Rig version is even deeper.