eSIM Swap - Should I delete the old one while waiting?

4 Mar 2003
So - eSIM swapping is nowhere near as easy or fast as I expected.
EE user and did the "Order new SIM > eSIM > QR Code" on Saturday and scanned said QR code into new phone.

After 16hrs old eSIM was still working, new eSIM still un-provisioned.
Called EE, they said it can take 24hrs, so left it to day - 24hrs came and went still the same.

Contacted EE again this evening, was told my new eSIM had not been authorised. They completed that and then said the swap is scheduled for 6:00pm Tuesday evening - gebus.
However, was also told it can happen quicker, try restarting the device every couple of hours.
At the moment my old eSIM is still working - should I have deleted this old eSIM? Or does that make no difference at all in the process?
In my mind there is an eSIM with my number attached to it - if there wasn't, would that potentially speed the process up?
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