ethernet address?

4 Sep 2006
ive been trying to install maya today and a part of it involves my ehternet adress, when i use it to find mine in the box where it should be theres just a bunch of 0's i.e (0000000000)

on my old mobo, a gigabyte one, it was cus i had disabled my network in bios to boot quicker, now i have a abit ab9 mobo and ive checked in bios and everything is on, nothing seems to be disabled so is there something ive misseD?

cheers fellas
1 Apr 2004
Herts, UK
Can't say I have ever install Maya, but what do you mean by Ethernet Address? Do you mean MAC address or IP address?
If you need to know what they are go to start, run, type cmd and press enter. At prompt type ipconfig /all and press enter.
The physical address is the MAC address and the IP address is obviously the IP address.
If nothing comes up, try going to control panel, system, hardware, device manager and look at anything listed under network adapters. If anything has an exclamation mark by it, or if you double click the device and it says disabled, try enabling it/reinstall drivers.
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