Ethernet Problem (Probably Mobo related)

10 May 2007
So today I swapped my gfx card from a 560ti as I was experiencing problems with it (Kernel driver keeps crashing), so I swapped it to a 260GTX that I had, upon restarting my ethernet cable was no longer being seen on my PC. There's no green/amber light at the back, seems very odd.. nothing else has changed it was literally just after I swapped GPUs.

I've tried resetting CMOS/BIOS Settings and nothing has worked that I've tried so far..does anyone have any ideas?? I just have a feeling it might be my mobo, I've tried an external NIC that I had laying around and the green light came on at the back of the PC with the same cable however I couldn't get the drivers installed on it so I couldnt use it.

It's 100% not the cable as I've tried on the PC next to it and it works fine, but Windows keep saying ethernet cable unplugged.
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