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Everything little thing that's wrong with your car.

Discussion in 'Motors' started by mattyprice4004, 6 Jul 2013.

  1. DRZ


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    Impressive necro! :D

    M5: Literally nothing - the thing is immaculate in every way.

    Range Rover:

    Upper tailgate gas strut is a bit creaky/squeaky
    N/S windscreen trim rattles above 60mph
    Rear arches are slowly dissolving
    Aux in is slightly dodgy
    Paint peeling on one of the side vents
    Alloys have been really poorly refurbed in the past and need to be done again
    O/S rear door traps water in between the inner and outer door seal (common issue, but one I find bizarre!)
  2. almoststew1990


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    oh boy.

    2003 330ci

    Dipping nearside mirror does not come back up once it's dipped
    Parking sensors do not parking sense
    Auto dipping headlights don't dip or I don't know how they work
    Cruise control does not control my cruising speed
    Rust appearing on passenger side sill
    Air con is not cold at all

    But I did just have the wheels refurbished and some new fake wings put on!
  3. paradigm


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    Location: Staffordshire

    The TT needs a new radiator and fans, the radiator has a pinhole leak, and the fans have the usual low speed failure. I think it probably needs a new fan controller as well, as it’s a bit sporadic if the fans work or not, even on the typically unbreakable high-speed mode.
  4. peterwalkley


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    Location: South Wirral

    13 plate XJ:

    -All 4 alloys scraped. I've left them as it means no scummer is likely to nick them.
    -Auto selector knob will occasionally come up and then sink down again. Happens more in cold weather, but no clue why.

    Pretty good for an 8 year old car all things considered.
  5. Funky-Melon


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    2006 S40 T5

    - Vibration at 70mph, it's not the driveshafts, wheels or tyres (6 garages have checked!) put up with it for now but it drives me mad.
    - Slight wiff of coolant from the heater matrix when on hot, been like it for 3 years and hasn't got worse. Got the part but it's a pig to fit
    - Parking sensors occasionally constantly beep when going into reverse
    - Needs some paint work on one side where it's had a poor respray before (think it was keyed by some **** before I owned it)

    Should probably just get rid but I like the 5 pot and there's no rust anywhere on it, plus the underside is remarkably clean for a 15 year old car.
  6. Acme


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    AC needs regassing
    The backlight in the clock stopped working :(
    Paintwork is trashed

    The motor which moves the HVAC flaps doesnt work
    Wheels need re-balancing, bit of vibration at naughty speeds

    Water pump leaks
    Firewall lets in rain
    Heater blower doesn't work
    ABS doesn't work
    Central locking doesn't work
    Headlight adjuster doesn't work
    Headlight wipers don't work
    Headlight washers don't work
    Rear wiper doesn't work
    Couple of bulbs are out
    Exhaust leaks
    Heated rear window doesn't work
    The interior is in my bedroom
    The arch liners are down the side of the garage
    Firewall lets in water
    Couple of bits of welding aren't the best
    Paintwork is trashed
    Windscreen is cracked

    Nothing essential, its MOT passable! :p
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  7. Mr.Cookie

    Wise Guy

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    Acme has made me feel better that my 986 has a gear lever incorrectly positioned, tiptronic failure.
    Probably won't feel better after the garage looks at it :D
  8. geekman


    Joined: 28 Sep 2012

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    Location: Monterrey, Mexico

    Small bumper trim piece missing (ordered from Lithuania, who knows if it'll ever arrive)
    One of the rear picnic tables doesn't close (never going to fix this unless I can find the parts for sub $500 shipped)
    Wheels need a refurb (should be happening next week)
    Scuff on the rear bumper / quarter (also getting fixed next week)
    Missing centre caps (on my desk and will be fitted to the refurbed wheels)
    Tyres have a lot of tread but are very old (probably not going to change them as it's getting sold soon and nobody seems to look at the date codes)

    AC components are mostly missing, no form of HVAC is working
    Cosmetically terrible (interior and exterior, too many flaws to list)
    Could do with a replacement carb at some point (have a new one but haven't got around to fitting it and getting someone to adjust it)
    Rattles from all areas which will never get fixed as I know it'll turn into a game of Whac-A-Mole
    Exhaust hanger is falling off (going to fix that this weekend)
    Probably many other things I'm oblivious to.

    Ball joints need changing
    Dash is cracked
    Lots of tree branch scratches
    Plastic roof trim has been destroyed by the sun.
    No plans to fix any of that apart from the ball joints.

    Whenever you write a list like this it always makes the car sound so much worse than it is. With the exception of the F150, I'd normally think of my cars as being in decent condition for their age :eek:
  9. Rroff

    Man of Honour

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    Garages seem **** at doing a proper analytical job on something like this - I had some sloppiness in the steering and turns out I had a good bit of play in the intermediate shaft, I'd actually discovered it by chance a few weeks before but lacked the experience to know how much play if at all it should have. 4 indie garages and two trips to the dealer later before they put one of their more experienced techs on it before anyone noticed despite assuring me they'd thoroughly checked the wheels and all steering and suspension components.
  10. leoncuprar


    Joined: 11 Sep 2008

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    Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon

    2015 bmw f10
    Very Annoying excessive wind noise from front driver side window.. All the seals seem fine though

    When outside temperatures are hot, like this week, a clunking noise from the front of the car at slow speeds even when driving on flat smooth tarmac
  11. squerble


    Joined: 13 Apr 2009

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    Location: UK

    2017 Ford Focus:

    - Rear nearside tyre has a nail and slow puncture, one that only requires air once every few weeks. Trying to wait until tyre is almost worn before replacing all my wheels with smaller wheels and bigger profile tyres.
    - Drivers window sometimes squeaks on open/closing. Not just a faint squeak, but a very pronounced one.

    That's about it. I generally keep on top of everything as soon as I see/hear it, but these two don't always crop up as an issue.
  12. Relentless81


    Joined: 18 May 2010

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    2015 Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol

    For some reason that I've never been able to figure out, in the winter the condensation is really bad literally dripping off of the interior wind screen. I really like the car and have had it since August 2019 but if it wasn't for Covid I would have sold it before last winter because getting into the office on time on a Winters morning was a pain.

    I find the seats quite uncomfortable, they have loads of electric adjustability but I've never been able to get it right and I constantly shuffle to stop my left leg going numb! I am a bit weird though and find everything uncomfortable so its more likely me than the car.

    The sensor shroud on the windscreen constantly pops off, I put it back, before I know its rattling again because its dropped down. No idea why when I push it back it seems to go back firmly

    Thats pretty much it. Looking at the price of used dealer approved cars I think I'll be keeping this one a while yet so just bought some fresh plates and some wind deflectors for it
  13. Scania


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    2005 Volvo V70 D5 169k miles.

    Sounds like a bag of old bolts when you start it up but sounds great (for a diesel) once your on the move albeit it’s quite loud, the turbo seems to make a loud chirping sound when you floor it but still seems to deliver plenty of boost.

    Numerous scuffs and scrapes on the bumpers all round, I think it’s previous owner wished it had parking sensors :D

    Annoying chip on the windscreen, some very minimal rust starting on the wheel arches all 4 alloys need to be binned , they are awful!

    The shock absorbers look dreadful but none are leaking (yet!) same could be said for the exhaust, the rear wiper just smears despite a new blade, think the spring in the arm is rusted or weak.

    Headlanps have faded badly so much so I really dislike driving it at night, bought some glass replacements off eBay but then discovered the loom in my car is different and I can’t plug them in :o


    Seats a bit faded and cracks in the leather, looks like someone has used something far too strong to clean them and it’s ruined the finish of the seats, they are still extremely comfortable though.

    The electric seat controls fall off the seat base from time to time.

    Constantly telling me the alarm needs a service (battery backup has failed,a common and relatively expensive fault,and I cba to fix it)

    Everything seems to still work though and the air conditioning is lovely and cold which has been a godsend recently, so far it’s living up to the durability reputation of old Volvo’s. :)
  14. Josh


    Joined: 23 Oct 2013

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    CMAX 2013

    Air con compressor has gone - great timing
    Bluetooth connection to my phone has gone - just makes a high static almost banging sound
    Lost the rear load cover
    It needed a good valet 18months ago...

    Apart from that it sailed through its MOT and my insurance is now £230pa - was going to upgrade this year but now I'm fully remote it seems pointless, I only go to the gym and the golf club.
  15. dLockers


    Joined: 21 Jan 2010

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    Previous owner scratched the leather on the steering wheel at the back. Catches my hand each time I turn the wheel but you can't see anything :mad::(
  16. Scania


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    Are trucks allowed? :D

    2017 Scania R450 Artic, 280k miles.




    As per the photos, the drivers seat is starting to fall to bits, not sure why, a colleagues identical model with similar miles is like new still….

    The steering wheel is heavily worn, not really surprising given the amount of twirling it gets when manoeuvring, the front end looks like it’s been shot blasted….

    Mechanically it’s spot on, uses no oil between inspections (every six weeks) pulls extremely well, returns good fuel consumption and I love how the clutch is only 10% worn at this mileage!

    It’s lease is up soon and it’ll be going which seems a shame as it’s performing as well as the day I first got it.
  17. DRZ


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    Is the wind noise actually like an air leak or is it a whistling type noise when you get above 50mph? Because if it is the latter it isn't the window seals it is the wing mirror cap alignment. Easy way to test is to just go over the gap with some electrical tape and see if it solves the issue...
  18. Robdav

    Wise Guy

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    2018 Skoda Kodiaq Scout

    • there is a layer of dust on her
    • a few bug kills on the front bumper
    • nothing else - still in mint condition after 28k miles :)
  19. ODuffer


    Joined: 28 Jan 2021

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    Location: Liverpool

    Judders when cold (and warm!)
    Drivers side seat worn and split
    Offside front shock on its way out (not surprised with all the speedbumps around here)

    Not bad for an 07 plate (94k miles)
  20. MrRockliffe


    Joined: 14 Apr 2014

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    I see no change then :p

    My car was rattle free, other than the passenger seatbelt at idle, until a recent service :( Now I’ve got something loose in the engine bay which is super loud at lower RPM (eg pulling away).