EVGA 680i Space Problem?

29 Dec 2006
experience said:
Im looking for a decent fan to fit this board for my CPU, can anyone recommend a fan that will fit without any modifying etc etc?

If your evga is anything like mine, then DON'T buy the Ninja scythe, you'll have to cut the bracket down to size for it to fit. It's not particularly hard, so long as you have a hacksaw or something.

EDIT: ^^ is for the revision B version, apparently the Rev A works fine.
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5 Feb 2007
Zalman CNPS7700-CU Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler

I just fitted one of these to my rig. It's the 'flower' design, so there is slight overlap between the cooling fins on the cooler and the cooling fins on the nVidia chipset right next to the CPU. However, there is no contact if you do it right, and this cooler moves such a fantastic volume of air that the interior of the case (an Antec P180) stays nice and cool (about 35 under load).

It is a slight faff to put on though, and if you're wanting to use the little nVidia chipset fan, you need to put that on first.
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