EVH - anyone with a MacPro & Xcode loaded

13 Jan 2003
Just wanted to check out some performance differences between my MBP and a MP using a component that exists on the Xcode kit supplied with Leopard. You'll need your webcam attached for this (but it's very funky so well worth the effort).

Can you navigate to

You HD / Developer / Examples / Quartz Composer / PlugIns / Optical Flow

Then if "Teapotii.qtz" isn't there can you go into the "OpticalFlow Downloader" sub directory (don't worry it's not a net downloader but just the name of the image buffering concept). Then use the "OpticalFlow Downloader.xcodeproj" to build them.
Next go back up a directory and execute "Teapotii.qtz". It should start QuartzComposer and run the application.

You should see you, a teapot and another pane rendered in the window. If you move your head around the teapot moves too.
The other application "OpticalFlow" shows more about the image processing of you're interested.

Ok - now for the bit I'm interested in - what frame rate are you getting with this? I'm getting 5-6 fps.

I know that the demo isn't very thread aware but I can find our parallel performance from something like cinebench. I'm after the performance difference of this application.
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