Exceptional fisherman's cottage for sale...

19 Dec 2006
Saudi Arabia né Donegal
Massive price anyways for the size of the house!

Could be worth it though if they get free electricity.

I did laugh when the camera pulls back from the house revealing the monstrous plant behind it. I can see how the property seller might have accidentally missed it from their description, it's not really that noticeable.
30 Apr 2009
If I could get a mortgage for £200k, I'd snap that up. But then I ived within a few miles of Dounraey PFR most of my life and TBH, I find that imnposing few of the plant quite attractive. - and I'm well aware that most of the rumours about what happens to you if you live near a nuke plant are just that - rumours thrown up by the anti-nuclear brigade.

Would depend on ambient noise levels etc too though, but I certainly wouldn't discount it just because it's near a nuke station. After all, people live on high streets, and the average town high street is far more dangerous IME!
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