Exch 2010 - Outlook clients crash regularly.

5 Jul 2003
Atlanta, USA
I'm having problems with an increasing number of Outlook clients, both 2007 & 2010, crashing at random intervals. Usually after doing something like sending an email, and often causing outlook to crash on every start of itself until the system is rebooted.
Now ive tried a hundred different fixes for Outlook, from recreating profiles, to reducing extra mailboxes, removing/shrinking PSTs, reducing the number of items in a folder, removing outlook addins, using the /safe mode to test in that, using /cleanviews to clear out views. Removing outlook completely and reinstalling. And far more that i cant remember at the moment.

This is basically becoming a larger and larger problem for the users, and i need to know why its happening and how to fix it.
Now its started happening with my Outlook the last day or so, and one thing ive noticed, is that the tray app doesn't crash, and if i open the 'connection status' part of it, and wack 'reconnect' 10-15 times, that Outlook 50% of the time recovers itself.
Now this would seem to me to be a connectivity issue to Exchange.

Now i refuse to believe that its because the hardware/VMs that host exchange arnt up to the task. As if a barely running, massively underspec'd Exchange 2003 server could cope with the strains of running the companies communications, then the new setup should be fine.
However im not removing a problem with the server configuration out of the equation.

The 2010 setup is about 2-3 weeks old now, and apart from a "CAS array that's not an array", there's nothing special about how its been setup.

Is there anything i can do/try to help solve these problems?

Thanks in advance all.