Extended Warranty - Lenovo Legion 5

24 Nov 2020
I want to buy the Lenovo Legion 5 laptop


But it only has a 1 year warranty. There is no way I can buy it with such a short warranty period, 2 years is minimum but would prefer to pay up and have a 3 year warranty.

I know I can maybe try to extend it with lenovo, but I cannot check if it's possible as I need the serial number to do that == I need to buy the laptop first.

Since I will make a purchase for my business I understand I will not be eligible for a consumer 14 return period if it turns out I cannot extend warranty with lenovo.

I have tried calling overclockers for the last two days, but the line was busy all the time and I was on hold for probably 2h or more. (I have spent over £20 since i'm calling from outside the UK).

I cannot find this model with the same configuration anywhere else but the warranty period is really crucial to me. Any suggestions?
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