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Facebook 2019 Leak (Mobile phone numbers, profile information)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alex_6n2, 6 Apr 2021.

  1. Dirk Diggler


    Joined: 6 Jan 2013

    Posts: 17,874

    Ah, but where do they store it? Is there an assurance that they don't?

    Serious question BTW.
  2. Hotwired


    Joined: 17 Aug 2009

    Posts: 9,073

    Well they assure you they don't.


    Then its up to you if you believe that or not.
  3. craaaaaig


    Joined: 1 Sep 2004

    Posts: 654

    Location: Kent

    Believe this was not a breach, someone simply created a list of all possible phone numbers - then asked FB if their friends were on FB
  4. ianh


    Joined: 12 Jul 2007

    Posts: 6,391

    Location: Norfolk.

    Phone is safe but two of my "burner" e-mails - only used to sign up for stuff - are leaked across 3-4 companies which I'm not all that fussed about.
  5. Haggisman


    Joined: 6 Oct 2004

    Posts: 15,054

    Location: Birmingham

    Of course they care, but only for the reason that if this information is leaked for free, FB can no longer sell it!
  6. Dirk Diggler


    Joined: 6 Jan 2013

    Posts: 17,874

    It's a fair point you make. Not one shred of data is safe or private once it's provided to Facebook, it's all sold on.
  7. Demon


    Joined: 22 Oct 2002

    Posts: 7,292

    Location: Near Cheltenham

    People should always be aware of where they enter their data.. We had a huge push on phishing training in work and the irony of the training company actually breaching their own training on phishing was priceless..

    The sad fact is, entering your phone number and/or email address is just allowing a private individual to mine it if they so wish..

    It's like password managers, VPN's, Proxies, etc, etc.. don't think for one minute they aren't a great attack vector for nefarious people..
  8. Dirk Diggler


    Joined: 6 Jan 2013

    Posts: 17,874

    Yes, agreed. I use Chrome to generate and store a random password every time I do a new sign up. This means that nobody actually knows my password, not even me. All accounts are backed by 2fa where possible.
  9. Demon


    Joined: 22 Oct 2002

    Posts: 7,292

    Location: Near Cheltenham

    It's a head do-er, for convenience I was putting in my TOTP 2FA in my password manager rather than a different app.. then I realised I'd actually ended up storing all my data in one place, so not only would anyone hacking that have my password, but also my 2FA all neatly bundled for them.. DOH!

    Basically it's like trading convenience for security.. I'm still a bit vulnerable as I've not moved all 2FA mechanisms to different apps yet..
  10. Alex_6n2


    Joined: 24 Jan 2007

    Posts: 3,359

    Location: Bristol

    This is fair point.

    What irritates me is Facebook constantly pushes for more information like your phone number. I no longer use the app, but remember it previously being very in your face with constant "GIVE US YOUR PHONE NUMBER BECAUSE SECURITY" type notifications and splash screens.

  11. Jay85


    Joined: 22 May 2010

    Posts: 7,732

    Neither have been leaked, my old email however has been breached 6 times!
  12. Blackjack Davy


    Joined: 16 Aug 2009

    Posts: 6,036

    Its not just being silly giving email addresses willy nilly its what should be legit companies who can compromise you for example I bought some stuff from Amazon or rather a 3rd party marketplace seller for some household blinds but when you do they get your email address from Amazon and I'm pretty sure they've passed on my email to some other companies and I certainly didn't see any option to opt out of marketing/passing on details.

    Got a strange email this morning from someone called Casa Contracts asking me to send some details via an encrypted link for a quote... wtf I thought... well it seems they're a legit company but I sure as hell didn't ask for any quotes for supplying office furniture. Another one for the blocked list but if this is going to happen everytime I purchase via Amazon its going to have to go on a burner account and I'm pretty sure whenever you pay for anything via PayPal it gives your email to whoever the recipient may be too.
    Last edited: 7 Apr 2021
  13. Jintsay


    Joined: 22 Feb 2013

    Posts: 100

    I opted out of Facebook years ago. Never looked back.
  14. Vita


    Joined: 26 Mar 2006

    Posts: 11,314

    Location: United Kingdom

    None of my emails or numbers.
  15. Throrik

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 15 Sep 2009

    Posts: 2,127

    Location: Manchester

    Somebody apparently leaked my Evony password from many moons ago.
  16. BowdonUK


    Joined: 17 Jan 2016

    Posts: 6,154

    Phone number is safe. Emails leaked in other leaks but not facebook.

    When are these big companies going to start getting fined for this stuff.

    If our details are leaked can't we sue under (UK) GDPR ?