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Finally Done It....RTX3090 Coming My Way

20 Apr 2020
Well after a lot of searching and research and disappointment, I finally saw the Inno3D GeForce RTX 3090 iChill X4 in stock at OcUk, so I bit the bullet and ordered one :D

I've been looking at both AMD and Invidia across lots of websites for sometime and seen cards in stock and 5 seconds later, their gone, couldn't even add them to my basket!

Couldn't make up my mind what I wanted 3080/3090/6800XT or 6090XT. Could never find a 3080 other than scalpers, 3090, never had the cards I would want in stock anywhere and the AMD cards, even less stock available or just never being available, apart from scalpers of course!

I didn't want to join any queues, or pre orders and like most I got annoyed I just couldn't get any cards because they would only be available for seconds, basically the time it takes to click 'add to basket!'

I thought about waiting for the Ti/Super cards, but it could all turn out the same as the 3080 release last year, so when do you stop waiting and see what is available??

Well I've done it now. Looking forward to getting the card :D
18 Aug 2013
Fair enough, enjoy. It's just the risk you take, not a big one in the grand scheme of things, to justify the 3090 you're banking on the market inflating more which would make it better value, myself I settled for a 3070 and I'm hoping prices come down so I can switch in the future. Of course that means by that point I will lose my shirt on the resale price anyway
12 Oct 2013
Each to their own, barmy though when a cheaper just as fast card could be round the corner, that you may be able to buy.
"could", "may" - exactly. Got 14 days to return if it does turn out to be the case.
20 Jun 2016
People no realize Nvidia will be announcing a 20GB 3080 ti tomorrow for $900...

You are living in a pipe dream if you think TI will be $900.
More like $1100

Available in APRIL.

Good choice OP, 3090FE is a beast, spanks big Navi in 4K rasta.
With DLSS on and RT on, its another gen ahead.
8 Sep 2005
Norrbotten, Sweden.
Random :p

There seem to be an abundance of Inno3D GeForce RTX 3090 iChill X4s available here now and although its borderline crazy price im very close to buying too.
I came here to look for info on the card and inno3D, it seems to be a little more featureful and RGBalistious.

a 3080 or 3080ti just seems like a joke in Sweden. Its either go 3090 or skip the generation.
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