First post...

15 Sep 2011
... but probably not the last!

I knew of Overclockers but did not know of this forum so I'm hoping to learn and get help. I'm not technical and I imagine others come here (like me) when they have a problem to which the solution is probably a new pc.

Currently I have a Dell Vostro 420 with Intel Core 2 Quad PCU Q9400 @2.66 GHz and running Vista Business (32 bit); 2x hitachi hard drives of 320GB @ 7200 rpm, 2x 2GB SDRAM @ 800 MHz; and NVidia GeForce 9800 GT video card with 512 Mb memory.

I don't game but I do use the pc for my small (and declining thanks to this Government) business, for Photoshop, genealogy and odds and sods.

I have a few problems with my current set up which I would like to air if there is a specific forum to do so but I would also like to find out what I should be looking for in a new 'box', so I hope to be posting very soon, especially if anyone replies to this with advice on directing me.
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