Flac Tag Support Needed For Media Player/ Centre

25 Mar 2006
im adding a lot of flac files to my music collection, i use foobar which is great for playing these and it has tage support too.

i need to add flac support to windows media player & centre so i can then play my flac files from media centre. I downloaded a codec which now lets me play the flac files. Im not trying to get tag support to work. Im not having any luck. I have deleted the library and the database files in the media player folder. Still no joy. I tried installing wmptagplus, it tells me i need to close WMP to continue, i close it, then it tells me it cant find media player installed on my pc, HUH!!!

any other suggestions guys, i have googled for ages and still not joy. I would just dump media player but i need the flac's playing in media centre.
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