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Fox news host hasn't washed hands in 10 years!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VincentHanna, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Clov!s


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    Normally? So not always then? :eek:
  2. The_Abyss


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    Normally is in there are also other occasions where hand washing is appropriate.

    Come on - I don't work for Fox News!
  3. haaammit


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    After toiletting, before cooking and when they're dirty, like most people I would hope!

    Try Herbacin Kamille hand cream - when I do a shift at the bar I wash the glasses by hand. The detergent in the water really dries out the oils from my skin, and that hand cream is really good stuff.
  4. Orionaut


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    Obviously not. but we may well be less vulnerable to the minor infections that we currently seem very susceptable to.

    We have all seen the adverts referring to African children having to drink heavily polluted water on a daily basis. And yes. It does cause a lot of sickness.

    And yet very large numbers of people drink this filthy water on a daily basis and do not get sick. If you or I drank any of this water, we would probabally be dead within 24 hours since we would have no resistance at all to the bugs that the water contains.

    Similarly I suspect these people would be far less likly to fall ill as a consequence of eating a dodgy pork chop or piece of under-cooked chicken.

    I am not necessarily advocating being a total soap dodger as being better than maintaining good levels of hygiene. But at the same time, it is not a simple Good/Bad choice. there are pros and cons with both options
  5. SexyGreyFox

    Man of Honour

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    After a poo
    After a wee
    Before preparing food
    Before I put food in my mouth
    Before sex
    After I've been doing 'jobs' that get my hands filthy
  6. shadow_boxer


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    Disgusting. Guy sounds like a moron.
  7. Janesy B


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    The article explains that he wasn't being serious and that people who walk around with bottles of hand sanitizer are a bit crazy and he has a point.
  8. Malevolence


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    Every three hours, and after I go to the bog too if I go within those three hours.
  9. Werewolf


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    It depends on the circumstances re the hand sanitiser, if you're going to a big show and potentially handling stuff that a lot of others have handled it can be an exceedingly good idea to have some with you (especially given how many people don't wash their hands after the loo...).
    Or if you're going to the hospital/nursing home it can be an idea to have it on you in case the dispensers on the wall have run out.
    If you're an author/celeb etc doing signings it's practically required if you wish to minimise the chances of having to call events off due to an infection.

    I keep one in the car because I'll use it after going to the tip, and if I go to the big model shows/exhibitions I'll have one in my bag because "con flu"* is something that you may not be able to avoid, but you can at least minimise your chances of getting it by giving your hands a quick clean before eating any snacks you've brought along.

    *So called because it's almost inevitable after going to a convention with thousands of people from all over the country/world stuck in a close proximity that you'll be exposed to some variant of a bug that you've not encountered before and it will get you:p
  10. Em3bbs


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    How on earth do normal people cope without hand sanitiser?
  11. bloodiedathame


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    I do mine every 2-3k miles.
  12. MeEsH BaKkA


    Joined: Dec 12, 2002

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    Guess you lot dip your sausage in a vat of hand sanitizer before your mrs goes to work, or slather her in it if you’re feeling generous?

    Edit: I wash hands after toilet, and use tissue to open any public toilet door on exit also wash them after handling raw meat. That’s about it unless they’re visibly dirty from work then out come the wonder wipes.
  13. [FnG]magnolia


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    Location: Bees.

    I've read this several times and I still have no idea what the sausage dipping is about. I like it but I don't get it.

    The edit is the real gotcha! though.

    9/10 - would post incoherently but also be paranoid about public lavatories again!
  14. kinobestew123

    Wise Guy

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    But not after??

    Or is that covered by:

  15. wez130


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    Naturally, i wash my hands quite often as a chef, however, i am a strong believer in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Think about it, we are the only species that wash using soap / sanitiser! Dogs don't, cats don't, literally any other mammal doesn't, they don't think twice about eating off the floor, licking their balls (then licking you!), sure, they occasionally get sick, but nowhere near as much as we do! Nor does it last as long as it does with us.
  16. MeEsH BaKkA


    Joined: Dec 12, 2002

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    I appreciate the recognition, it means a lot :D
  17. Scam


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    I've occasionally heard people come out of the traps in our loos at work and walk straight out. The problem is there's 4 doors to open on the way back to my desk (2 to the bathrooms, 1 into the foyer/lifts, 1 more into the office). I've taken to grabbing a bit of paper (er, hand drying paper whatever it's called?), using that to open the doors and try to nonchalantly hide it as I come into the office. Then I go to the kitchen (no doors!) and rewash my hands. What a pain.
  18. LeeUK


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    Pointless washing your hands after a wee in a public/work toilet as your effort was in vain as soon as you touch that door handle to exit the toilets.
  19. Scam


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    Not if everyone does it. Shouldn't fall to the lowest common denominator, that's how we ended up with Brexit and Trump.

    *Yay I managed to get Brexit and Trump into this thread!
  20. Orionaut


    Joined: Aug 2, 2012

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    The door handles that you have to grab to get out of the loo makes the entire hand-washing exercise utterly pointless.

    As does the taps and soap dispensers.

    I know where my hands have been and I know where everybody elses hands have been too, and frankly I would prefer to keep my hands to myself!

    I remember some 20 years ago a report on the analysis of the contents of the typical bowl of peanuts left on a bar.

    Unsurprisingly, they (Quite literally) were covered in all sorts of crap.

    Some samples had other "extras" too! :eek: (You really do not want to know, But I am sure you can guess!)

    And you know what. Hardly anybody ever gets ill as a consequence of eating them!

    After all, as the old saying goes,

    You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die