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Frustratingly Frustrating

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Guest, 22 Sep 2013.

  1. Marky


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    Sorry to hear about your friend :( - With regards to learning OSX, I found that the more you use OSX, the more things you find out naturally and you pick it up fairly naturally in the end.

    It was a big move when I moved to OSX, but now I can't see me moving back to Windows! :p
  2. theheyes


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    Which "Windows skills" are you looking to transfer, specifically?
  3. nolimit

    Wise Guy

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  4. Bouton Aide


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    Don't bother reading stuff. Play, learn and smile.
  5. dave_a141


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    Sorry if some of these are blindingly obvious but some of them dumfounded me when I moved a few years back

    1) Control Panel is 'Apple logo in top right' / system preferences
    2) Application preferences are usually( 'Application name' in the bar across the top and then 'Preferences' or Cmd+,
    3) If you ever can't find the menu command you want in an app, use help in the top bar and search for it

    4) Alternative options are available in the dock by right clicking (two finger click) while holding alt. Ie if you need to force quick an application or relaunch finder
    5) Enable 'three finger drag' gesture (you can click and drag by just using three fingers on the trackpad)
    6) Yoink is a very useful app that I couldn't live without (search on the app store)

    7) You can drag external USB sticks onto the trash icon (it changes to eject) to eject them
    8) There are various apps on the app store (£0.69) that can enable/disable hidden files for you if you need to get under the hood for any reason (otherwise you need to use the terminal)
    9) Use Cmd+space to open search (spotlight) and then type app name is a very quick way of opening applications
    10) Task Managed is called Activity Monitor
    11) Command Prompt is called Terminal

    Hope at least a couple of these are useful :)
  6. sbi5ar


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    If you don't know how to do something... Try what feels right... Most of the time it will be the most intuitive option.
  7. v0n


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    When you read stuff around the net people will refer to non existent keys on your keyboard. It's normal, old school apple users, the ones entrenched in their bedrooms with "I don't need no Yntel, I've my PowerPC and a single button mouse" do it to ef with "y'all" PC converts, so here's what you need to know:

    When they say "apple key" they mean command key, the one with cmd and pretzel on it
    When they say "option key" they mean alt key
    If you need any of the F keys to work like an F key and not change volume or stop your music, go to System Preferences, Keyboard and tick "Use all F1, F2. etc keys as standard function keys"
    # key is alt-3 on apple keyboard. Amazing oversight, I know, considering how often one needs to use # and apple keyboard contains useless cack like ±§ and F13-19 on it by default, but hey, at least it's two key strokes away for us. Rest of European languages have € sign there.
  8. PaulyD


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    Could just hold down the fn key to do that.

    I found just trying stuff helped me, usually it worked!