G-Hub Processes Inquiry

4 Jul 2006
Managed to pick up the G815 and G502 SE for £130 and noticed more process running than when I had Setpoint + Bluetooth with Original Logitech Dinovo Media Desktop and lord knows why it needs to keep updater running???

Anyhow, I noticed it also during installation started a process "unsecapp.exe" and even if I close the G-Hub down the updater and this process remain active and I was just wondering if others that use this software also have this process running?

Also I am noticing that this is supposedly using a lot of network usage, arx thing I have unticked the individual boxes before disable the whole thing altogether but its opening tcp ports to 127 address on ip4 loopback whatever that means.

I thought id give blocking it in firewall a punt but its staying open in network activity but they do go when I close it down, have never used this software at all is this normal operation for it?


Not sure if its reporting actual internet use or not though as ive not come across a 100% accurate program that can tell difference.

Using Resource Monitor it does not show up in "Processes with network activity" or "Network Activity" but it shows as loopback thing under TCP Connections and Listening Ports
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