G.Skill Trident Z Royal F4-3600C16D-64GTRS Compatibility

7 Oct 2015
Hey guys,

Got a notification from OCUK that my Ryzen CPU is on the way so in the middle of getting the remaining components for my main build, which includes a Asus Crosshair Impact motherboard.

Long story short, i have a set of the above memory to go with it, but want to confirm whether they will be compatible?

GSkill website lists G.Skill Trident Z Royal F4-3600C18D-64GTRS compatible in their QVL with the mobo but does not show C16D. Does latency actually matter other than overclocking? and does/has anyone run Royals on the Impact board?

Memory info for Ryzen 5800X and CrossHair Impact motherboard

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