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Galaxy S2 falls from the sky...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chipko, 12 May 2012.

  1. chipko


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    ... and kills a slug (or a snail, I can't work out which it was).

    My Samsung Galaxy SII was strapped to my Quadrotor using foam and cable ties. I ascended quite high and the quad flipped upside down and started falling (possibly accelerating) towards the ground. I tried to correct it but it kept flipping back upside down.. the ground getting closer .. THUNK! Some clouds started to obscure the quad and I think some moisture might have cause the gyros to short...

    The best bit was the whole lot was recorded and I've popped it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. The phone survived, in fact, I cannot tell of any damage to it. The quad wasnt too badly damaged and they've both been flying again this evening (no crashes!)

    Falling from the sky:
    removed due to swearing

    A flight where it doesn't fall:
  2. Josh P


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    Not a bad first post! :D
  3. robfosters


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    Forget turning up quietly and introducing yourself, this fellas crashed through the doors.
  4. trigger-happy


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    Not bad. You have proven yourself worthy and have gained your admittance to OCUK.

    Last edited: 13 May 2012
  5. [TW]Sponge


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    Thanks for sharing! Nice first post btw, and welcome to the forums:D

    How much did that thing set you back if you don't mind me asking?
  6. spleenharvester

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  7. HAz


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    lol 1st post as a rwegisterd lol so cool but silly all the same
  8. Kamwah


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    Best first post ever.
  9. cheets64


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    Some dedication, eccentric, like it. MOAR
  10. Boycey0211


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  11. SexyGreyFox

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    How high does that go up?
  12. qqg3


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    We need some hovis.
  13. arknor


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    isnt it illegal to fly around with a camera near a residential area?

    i cant remember the exact laws but when i was finding out what the laws were for flying rc helis im sure one of them forbids any kind of surveilance drone ie (heli/quadcopter with a camera strapped to it) beeing anywhere near houses etc
  14. SteveOBHave


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    Very nice - I have to ask - What ESCs are you flying with?
  15. zpos

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    A proper first post would have attempted to resuscitate the slug/snail.

    Nevertheless, great first post.
  16. RaidenGB


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    Great Post!!
  17. maddness


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    nice, ...searches where to buy one of these / build one...
  18. BloodyL


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    Bravo, welcome to OcUK!
  19. agnes


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    Impressive first post, grab some tea and stick around :)
  20. Narj


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    Mouth to mouth needed, with video.