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Galaxy Tab S4

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Dirk Diggler, 31 Jul 2018.

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    Wise Guy

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    Ended up picking one of these up for my mum's birthday and she's really happy with it so far.
    Feels much quicker than her old Tab S 10.5, the speakers sound much more rounded and it has better wifi too.
  2. BlowMeOneKenobi


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    I bust the screen recently on my beloved Sony Z3 tablet so I’m looking for a replacement. Looking in the direction of a S4.
    Can I ask you guys if anyone’s took a punt and purchased the much cheaper variant with the octacore exynous chipset instead of snapdragon?
  3. Shocky-FM


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    A relative bought one of these recently, it's nice but using them side by side with my Pixel C you could clearly see the Pixel C display was much brighter in our conservatory, apparently she charged the Tab S4 before she got here and it needed charging while my Pixel C was barely down to 60% battery and we were playing the same game. (Vainglory).

    The OLED display was vibrant, too much for me although I'm sure you can change it, the speakers were definitely better though, Pixel C speakers OK at best.

    Why are tablets from Samsung so half arsed?
  4. Dirk Diggler


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    Sounds like she had auto brightness enabled, it can be quite dim depending on the environment. I always over ride it if I'm watching media.

    Also, I just did a flight from USA (8 hrs) and watched back to back episodes and battery was nowhere near flat, above 60% if I remember correctly.
  5. Shocky-FM


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    Maybe, specs wise it's not far off from the 500 nits max on the Pixel C. I'm guessing because it's OLED max brightness is probably not achievable with the brightness slider anyway, similar to the way the phones work.

    Battery life I was surprised by, I can usually do 3-4 games of=f Vainglory on the Pixel C and only drop about 20-30% battery, that's about 1.5-2 hours screen on time, maybe it little longer if the games take a while.

    The battery on the Tab 4 was below 40% from what I remember, not sure if it a combination of gaming and highish brightness but the battery life was disappointing, I don't know exactly what she started on but it was charged apparently.

    I haven't even charged my Pixel C since, I haven't needed to, battery life is still fab after almost 3 years.

    EDIT: The specs do somewhat explain that, 7300 vs 9240mAh
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  6. L33

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    What a surprise. Sat here with the Tab S4 running the June security updates. Its now November, so we've immediately gone from release to equaling the 5 month out-of-date status of the S3. At least they took a few months before semi abandoning that one.
    How they can aim this product at enterprise and tout Knox security etc when they can't even manage basic security updates is idiotic. I'm also fairly sure the Android Enterprise certification program stipulates that security updates must be made available no later than 3 months after their release date, for a minimum of X years after product launch (2 or 3, can't quite remember).