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Game reviewers who to listen to?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by smogsy, 11 Oct 2021.

  1. Vtec9k

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    Skill Up is probably the only youtuber I watch, he does well balanced reviews.

    Usually a quick skim of Eurogamer, RPS and Metacritic combined with some forum threads and twitch streams gives a broad view for me to make up my own mind.
  2. TNA


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  3. Matty8787


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    Depends on the genre I suppose but most reviewers I watch for entertainment rather than to make a decision.

    FPS - JackFrags, MMO - KiraTV, JoshStrifeHayes, LazyPeon, General watching - WorthABuy
  4. jasonsony735

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    'Worth a buy'. Hes always honest about games and if they are crap or not so stick with his views.
  5. Hodders


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    Totally agree, worth a buy is great. Totally honest.
  6. Panos


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    None. If I like a game will watch some random lets play videos, make my mind and will buy it.
    That is the reason also my game purchases have dropped to 2-3 per year. And I tend to like games that can replay. EU4, CK2, X series, WOT, Phoenix Point, etc
    I won't play one off games except they are good like Division 1.