Gaming headset

28 Feb 2009
I have just built a new PC so I can start playing a few of my games again. I am not a massive gamer but I do like to play a few hours every couple of days.

I have just ordered myself my first decent mouse and keyboard so that it will be a little more comfortable and enjoyable and I am thinking of buying some sort of headset as my speakers are located at the other side of the room for watching films, not so good for playing games...

I am looking at getting something pretty cheap( ) as anything is going to be better than listening to speakers over a metre behind you but I was wondering how much difference 5.1 and 7.1 Ch Surround headsets can make?

I quite often find myself being shot in FPS games due to people being able to hear me coming etc.. So do expensive headsets make such a difference like having a decent quality mouse does?
22 Aug 2010
The Plantronic Gamecom headsets are very well priced for the quality. The more you pay for a headset the more enjoyable the experience is. The bigger the headphone drivers the deeper the bass and stronger the build and cable (+ added extras sound controls) The headset I currently use for FPS is Roccat Kave which i just put onto special offer. Alternatively if you have a smaller budget the TT Esports Headsets are also a winner. I wrote a review in another new thread about these just a second ago.
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