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Geronimo the alpaca killed as legal row ends

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robbo, 31 Aug 2021.

  1. Hotwired


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    Not the most convincing attempt to push vegetable eating... he's not exactly crying out for help with the trauma of growing pigs for food is he.
  2. FoxEye


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    Yeah the trouble is they have no idea how it's transmitted. They believe badgers may be involved in up to 50% of infections in cattle, but think only 5% is caused by direct contact between badgers and cattle. And it's known that transmission happens the other direction as well.

    The actual method(s) of transmission are very, very poorly understood even today. They cull badgers simply because they can carry the disease, and the effectiveness of these culls is not proven. It never has been proven.
  3. Semple


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    Yep pretty much this.

    It's a terrible ordeal either way, but do understand the reason the animal had to be destroyed.
  4. Johno please?


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    It was a joke, why would I suggest not rearing pigs and eating them only to say "yea go buy some garbage factory farmed meat from a supermarket"
  5. Alice In Wonderland


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  6. Nate75


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    The thing I was shocked with was this made the top story on the local news here.

    Is this the most important story in the South West!?
  7. JBeck


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    Agree with the above, however there are a few points not touched on.

    The alpaca had been fully vaccinated as per requirements, and had lived amongst all the other animals on the farm for years and none had been infected, and none had tested positive.

    I believe her argument was that the positive tests were due to antibodies in his system from the vaccinations, and that if he was indeed infected then would have inadvertently passed it on to the other animals which he did not, which to be fair he probably would have.

    Of course one can point out that if he had positive tests due to antibodies then it could be argued that the other alpacas would also show positive results from theirs.

    I can understand her stance but sadly it was always going to be the losing one, one she should have given up and accepted a long time ago for the sake of her pet.
  8. Nasher


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    I wonder how many pets which arent kept on farms get away with TB, since they never get checked.
  9. Hotwired


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    I'm wondering how the "pet" label came about for a stud animal on a farm.

    The "voluntary" TB test probably came about because of his professional role. No one with a brain is about to pay to bring their female alpacas for breeding with an untested animal.

    But without commercial reasons to demonstrate you have TB free animals you could in theory have a TB carrying pet alpaca in blissful ignorance.