GFX Dead?? New one?? And PSU??

9 Aug 2004
Milton Keynes
Knocked my GFX card the other day while the PC was on and it went *POP* and now whenever I turn on the PC the screen shows a load of green and white squares which are about 1cm square. If I let the computer boot up and wait about a min (norm boot time) I then can (guessing/skillz) use the windows key hit shutdown and turn it off. So this means surely nothing else is damaged right??

So what do i order to go with the following;

AMD 3700+ SD
2x 1gb Geil
Some HDD (2x Pata 1x Sata)
Some Opticals (2x Pata)
Hiper 425w, 5v 30A, 12v 16+15A

Now I was thinking of something like the 3d connect x1800xt 256mb for £150 odd inc postage.. any better ideas to save price or get better performance? How much better over the old one? (x600xt)

Also do i need a new PSU or should it be okay?

Also lastly will i have to reformat or should i be okay if i reinstall GFX drivers?

Cheers, Steve.
Man of Honour
22 Jun 2006
You'd prolly be fine with that PSU and the X1800 XT is A LOT faster than an X1600.

Reformat would be overkill, just do a clean driver install :)

My only worry would be if the PCI-E slot was damaged :(
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