Gigabyte M27Q Dark Vertical Lines During Motion (Tried Three Different M27Q Units)

15 Jan 2021
I have now had three M27Q monitors all of which have shown the same issue.There appear to be dark vertical lines appearing on screen when motion is displayed at a certain rate on screen. For example when panning the camera in a game. This causes a sort of vertical grid to appear. It is most noticable in solid colours and at refresh rates under 100Hz. I seem to be able to see the lines too if I move my eyes across the screen at a certain speed. This makes me think the issue is caused by the rate of motion, perhaps something is wrong with the timing of the refresh of the monitor?

From my research online, I believe the issue may be called 'pixel inversion' or 'pixel walk' though I may be wrong about that.

The issue can be replicated by setting the screen refresh to 170Hz @1440p and going to this test page

The artifacts can be seen especially on the green bin during the motion. You can see the difference between when there is motion and when the image is still. Could any one else with a M27Q confirm this? You might have to look a bit close to see it.

I have also tested with both HDMI, DP and with different PCs both Nvidia and AMD so I am sure the monitor is the cause of the issue.

As this has been seen on three different M27Q monitors with different manufacture dates I am sure that the fault is with the full range of M27Q monitors. Is there anything I can do to reduce this or fix it?

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