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Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming Oc/4000rpm fans/ After 1,3 year of Use (RMA)

26 Jan 2021
Hello Guys the past 3 days ive encountered this "common" issue with my card too!
Long story short:
Card is for Gaming and some video editing @1440p 155hz
Ive only changed the fan curve and maxed the linked temp and power limits in Msi After Burner since day1
For about a year of daily gaming usage card was peaking at 65C Max with my fan curve @65-70%
3 Days ago i was playing Cod Warzone while i heard that vaccuum cleaner noise from my pc checked the second monitor and i saw my fans revving like a camaro SS @4000rpm and temps were at 70ties rising till 80-81C till i alt tabbed and killed the game from task manager. This Happens when i play some "heavy" game that utilizes more than 65% of gpu.If card is from a cold boot it may take like 10-15minutes to start acting like a camaro SS. Im so frustrated about this!
Things i've tried:
1) Card was superclean with no dust but i re-seated the card end checked connections (all fine)
2) DDU Drivers, Install Same drivers again/DDU-Rollback
3)Tested the card on another PC (Same Problem)
4)Used the card on a fresh windows 10 install without network connection and clean driver install(no luck)
Ive contacted the shop i bought the card today and the tech guy told me that he have sent over 5 cards in the past 2 months from the 2070/2080/S/Ti Series for the same reason back to gigabyte and 99% of them got a refund and the buyer got something new from the shop. The thing is that he told me that this one takes avg of 2 months or a bit less...And since im in Greece gigabyte prompts me to retail shop for RMA. Ive packed the card thats like Brand New and took photos to send to my tech guy in the shop i bought it as he requested. The thing is by reading all these forums about the same problem i have is that im so scared to wait 2 months and get back a card with re-applied thermal paste and get the same problem some months later. I Would love to avoid this specific series if possible.And also im afraid that they may just plugin my card in gigabyte see that it boots test it 10mins and say "card is fine".
Ive attached the video showing the problem on my youtube channel:


I Would Appreciate any insight from you guys!
Also if GIGA-man is still here i would love to have his opinion and assistance
26 Jan 2021
Having Custom curve like this , Reseting curve to auto Or setting a fixed lets say 70% rpm on any software the fail safe mode bypasses it and it still goes 4000rpm with any mode!
Also this happens regardless temps/ i encountered this even at 67C early 2mins into the game

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