Gigabyte UD ATX Z690 Ram Issue

8 Aug 2021
New Zealand
Hi all,

Just bought a new motherboard and 12700kf today, using my same ddr4 from my amd build.

Ram I have is Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-4000 CL16 b die. Managed to get it to 3733 cl14 stable on my amd 5600x and would consider myself intermediate level with amd overclocking. Although I have absolutely no idea what to do on intel and basically starting over again.

With my new build I can't get it to post with the only xmp profile, 4000mhz 1.4v 16 16 16. I tried putting the profile on and entering 3600 and no luck, tried higher voltage and no luck.

I've got no idea where to start with intel boards as there are different voltages than amd. Can someone help out pls? Is there an alder lake ddr4 oc guide somewhere?

I used the famous github guide for my amd but it doesn't seem to have everything for alder lake values.

I'm thinking it's the motherboard holding me back and I'm considering returning it and grabbing a new one. I didn't do much research on it tbh.
22 Jun 2006
From what I understand of 12th gen, one of the most important things with RAM to take note of is the gear 1 and gear 2 settings. I don't think 4000 Mhz would be feasible with gear 1?

Edit: I appear to be mistaken:
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