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God of War 4

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by opethdisciple, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. V F


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    That truly was one intense battle in the section "Find a Way to Break the Ice" on "Give Me God of War" difficulty. As the game nearly threw every kind of Draugr into the area. Heavies, the ones with the fire swords, the quick movers, the fire balls, the ones with the shields, twin axes and the exploding fire chests, then to make it even better they threw in two of those hulk smashing Ogres as everything is swinging and exploding all around me.

    Let alone the big heavy armour dude with the massive sword near the captured dragon. Loved the Wulvers though. :D
  2. V F


    Joined: Aug 13, 2003

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    Getting the Blades of Chaos sure has made this even more fun.

  3. mame


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    Just got an email saying congratulations for getting the platinum and a code for a god of war avatar with a platinum trophy on it.
  4. nantucket66


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    As a latecomer to this I've just finished it this evening.

    Overall I thought this was very good. A little linear and repetitive but I did enjoy it a lot, brilliant eye candy which always helps.
    I loved the end when Kratos and Altreus get home and go to sleep!
  5. roads


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    Just completed the game and wow, what a journey! They really did something special with the axe in this as it just feels so satisfying whether your smashing dudes up close or throwing it at them and calling it back. The story and lore also drew me in and I’m excited to see where they take it in the next game. 9/10 for me and well deserving of the plaudits. Another first party gem for Sony.

    Would also recommend the documentary that they recently released on the game if you enjoyed it:
    Raising Kratos - https://youtu.be/lJZWKBDXXFY *contains spoilers*