Going crazy with all the choices, help me decide on a mobo!

25 Nov 2004
Hi all

I have been racking my brains the last few days over this. Reading umpteen reviews and user accounts and I really am no closer to a decision. I am going to upgrade to C2D tomorrow/thursday and have decided on an E4300 and 2gb of the GEIL ram on special this week. My problem is in choosing a mobo! Ill tell you what my requirements are and the rest of the kit that will be used and you can tell me what you think I should buy.

Current Equipment:
Akasa Mirage62
Corsair HX 620W
Tuniq Tower
8800GTS (running @ 620/2000)
1 x 150gb Raptor
2 x 750gb Seagates
1 x 320gb Seagate
Pioneer 111D-BK

I think thats all the important bits. Not running RAID and dont plan to. I need 2 NICs and would prefer they were onboard. I need coaxial output from the onboard soundcard. I need stability from the board, which sounds silly to say but I am sure most of you know what I mean. I wont be looking for massive FSB since its an E4300 but a decent clocker that I can plop a C2Q in when they are decently priced and clock it would be nice. Since I have a GTS already, SLi in the future would be nice but its not something I want or need now.

Well there it is, I hope someone out there can help me decide on a mobo! Thanks in advance :)
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