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Google Stadia - pricing/launch details on 6th June 2019

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by ic1male, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Matmulder

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  2. Poneros


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    Ofc they did, especially since they're next door to a server. ;)

    Not gonna look so great once real world results come in.
  3. Jonny L

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    I’ve decided to give it a go and have ordered the founders pack. Roll on November!
  4. BubbySoup


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    I like the look of the controller. I wonder if you'll be able to use it outside of Google's platform?
  5. Kreeeee

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    Isn't it a WiFi controller and not Bluetooth?
  6. ic1male


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    I thought that but they were plugged into Chromebooks with a USB cable during this E3 week as Phil H said with so many Bluetooth controllers in one room, they'd interfere with each other. Maybe he meant Wifi?
  7. d_brennen


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    I read the controller is WiFi and paired directly with your router, which make sense for what it does. Can't remember where I read this though
  8. Kreeeee

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    The idea behind using WiFi is to minimise the input lag I believe.