Graphics in a SG05

25 Aug 2009
Hi folks,

I've put together an HTPC inside a SG05 using the Zotac 9300 -- all working great so far. I'd like to do a bit of gaming on it -- but at 1080p :D It's important to me that the card has an HDMI port and supports audio over HDMI. I've been looking around and it seems the Geforece GTS 250 is the card for this case, and particularly I've been looking at GigaBytes offerings as they are a bit shorter than other 250's and seem to run cooler too. Was wondering if anyone had any experience of either the GV-N250OC-1GI or GV-N250ZL-1GI? Looking around online I can get either for about the same price so recommendation for one over the other would be great too. Or a recommendation for a totally different card if you've got it!

Cheers, Ben
24 Jul 2004
Devon, UK
You can put whatever you want in it. I used to have a 3870X2 in mine.

I'd recommend waiting a week and seeing if the ATI HD5850 is worth having, looks like it's going to be a decent gaming card under £200.
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