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Greece parliament demand Germany pay WWII reparations

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Evangelion, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Psycho Sonny


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    I suppose India has a similar point then about the British occupation too and deserves similar if not more reparations with more wealth and a bigger population to look after in much more poverty.
  2. Psycho Sonny


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    just need to ban cash.

    everything should be done using contactless, bank transfer or card.

    or switch to crypto where everything can be audited by anyone.

    if you have nowhere to hide it then you can't avoid taxes. it's like all the politicians with bags of cash under their beds, etc. that wouldn't happen if there was no cash.
  3. Orionaut


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    Actually, in this case, the contrary applies.

    India is the country it is because of British influence for over 300 years (East India company was first incorporated by Big Lizzie in 1599! Yes that surprised me too!)

    But for British influence, India would today be a continent of small, forever squabbling, impoverished third world states, like Africa is today.

    The real shame about Africa is that the Empire didn't survive for another hundred years or so. Had we retained control in the 1950's to the current day, sub-Equatorial Africa today would be rather more like India is now.
  4. Psycho Sonny


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    Oh but dividing it up to stick muslims on 3 different sides was helpful?

    Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

    Where they have been at war ever since over the Kashmir region
  5. Orionaut


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    It isn't our fault that Muslims cannot tolerate anybody who is not a Muslim!

    Really! :mad:
  6. Panos


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    All those countries you mention above, except Greece and Poland, like USSR, Britain and USA got compensated by Germany in various forms.
    The issue with Greece and Poland was that both those countries were completely and utterly destroyed, having on top to give "loans" to Germany those 2 countries (especially Greece) has to pay on Germany's behalf even today.


    Btw without Greece holding off for 6 months alone against the Axis, (France with the full backing of Britain lasted a mere 6 weeks), Britain and USSR could have had the same fate my friend.
    Because it could have speed up the invasion of USSR by 3 months, avoiding the winter of 1941-42 standing in the middle of the country. Let alone not have wiped completely the parachute regiments which Germany didn't had nor used again until 1944.

    And lets not forget the "Operation Countenance" shall we? What gave the right to Britain invade Iran (a neutral country) in 1941?
    So spare the rest and learn history.

    Because lack of history is what make populations repeat the same mistakes others did. And clearly can be seen in Britain and USA today.

    Though India was not a sovereign state (were many) when taken over by Britain in the 17th century? As for British colonialism, there are still court cases at the Old Bailey from Cypriots, ongoing for years, who were tortured and executed by the British solders in the 1950s. And many as young as 15 years old back then.
    Same applies to India who is chasing Britain at the courts for compensation on atrocities committed in the 20th century. Because the BBC, Independent or the Telegraph do not report those things, doesn't mean they do not exist. You do live in a media protected cocoon.
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  7. 4K8KW10


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    You had a war against Italy - ask for reparations from Italy, and from Britain and US for not helping you. Why the blame on Germany alone?!

    Also, you can never know about the possible IFs in virtual "speed up" "invasions" of the Russia and Britain.....


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    Reperations after what happened post WW1 was never going to happen. All European countries suffered billions of losses. It was never going to be one country, the loser or otherwise to re-compense other countries. That's what caused WW2

    The reason why this is an issue in 2019, 80 years later, isn't because of the principle, it's because Greece has mismanaged it's economy and bankrupted itself. It's merely an excuse and nationalistic rhetoric to default on debts. In reality that will make it harder to borrow and re-grow the economy. There were many mistakes but joining a currency you couldn't devalue when you desperately needed to is Greece's biggest issue. But even if they hadn't, allowing mass tax evasion and spending massively on public expenditure was always going to see the economy fail.
  9. nkata


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    Greece has also had a period of military dictatorship since world war 2. Thats guaranteed to upset or reset the economy.
  10. BowdonUK


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    UK should start demanding some reparations for our expenses in ww2.

    Someone on twitter put up a post the other day that give a list of allied countries and how much they had spent fighting nazi germany.