Greetings OcUK

16 Dec 2020
Hello everybody, I hope those that celebrate Christmas have that all done and dusted now and maybe have some good hardware / peripherals coming their way.

I have been building my own PC every few years since I was a kid but never made the leap in to overclocking aside from the software suites that do minor adjustments for you but now is the time for me to get my head in to it.

My time will be spent lurking various threads here to learn what I need to do and hopefully work off of some of your expertise to achieve my end goal; a build with a custom water cooled loop that looks pretty and performs like a beast.

Being both a gamer and a full stack developer any extra performance will always be utilised in some manner and I feel the need to up my understanding of hardware so much now that I am very comfortable in the software world.

I'm a fairly social person so feel free to say hi at any time.
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