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GTX 1060 6GB potential mods by previous owner

23 Jan 2021
Good evening,

I bought a GTX 1060 6GB Zotac AMP card as untested on ebay. Tried to get it to work but no luck. The card isn't being detected by the computer in Windows (HP Z640 gives a pre video beep code).

When I received it, it had the heatsink removed already. I've looked over the board and there is a few spots where I can't tell if resistors etc have been removed.

My general question is "what modifications could a previous owner have tried as a way to improve the performance of the graphics card?"

I have no issue trying to fix any issue, but I couldn't find much detailed information about the specific steps. I've seen shunt resistors and increasing power limits but don't know the exact steps/ components someone would have gone through.

Any info would be appreciated!
15 Jun 2009
Untested generally means 'tested, but it's knackered so I'll sell it'

Could be a million and one things wrong with it. Check if there's any visible damage to help narrow down the problem. If there's none then I doubt you're going to have much luck fixing it.
3 Dec 2020
Its quite rare that an "untested" card actually works and is repairable.

Its just a way round saying its faulty. Makes people thing there is hope.

This unfortunately. As a last resort - you could always try those 'Hail Mary' fixes on youtube like sticking it in an oven.
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