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GTX 280 to 5850, Worth it?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by scaza, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. scaza


    Joined: 8 Jun 2008

    Posts: 629

    Location: Stoke-On-Trent


    I was wondering whether to upgrade my Zotac Gtx 280 to one of the Asus 5850's ocuk just got in stock.

    What i want to know: Is it worth it?

    With the 5850 i'd get dx11 as well as a nice upgrade in performance (Although i cant knock my 280 at the moment)

    - Side Note- Anyone know what i could get for my old card if i do upgrade?

    Thanks Chaps.
  2. Leezy


    Joined: 9 Dec 2007

    Posts: 767

    Location: Stoke-on-Trent

    sold my gtx 280 for 135 you probs get around that with say a +/-£10 diff.
    Im thinking of getting a 5870 but duno wether to wait or not.
  3. liquidex


    Joined: 15 Dec 2008

    Posts: 827

    Location: London

    You might as well wait and see what fermi brings. If you want to compare, a 5850 overclocked is roughly on par with a gtx 295 without the multi gpu issues.