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GTX260 1792MB & BF3

14 Oct 2004
location, location
Folks, I've been playing the BF3 open beta for a couple of days on my PC as is before I make any decisions to upgrade the graphics.

Spec is basically i5-750 @ 3.6, 4GB, Asus P7P55D Pro, GTX260 1792MB.

I'm playing at 1920 x 1200, currently on Medium settings and I don't get any frame rate issues. Haven't tried playing at any higher settings so far.

I've read a few posts where people are claiming that more than anything their graphics cards are running out of RAM at high resolutions and this is making me wonder if going for a 1280MB GTX570 (for example) would make a lot of sense. I know the GPU itself will be significantly more powerful than my current one, but I'm wondering if the lower RAM would be a backwards step.

Any thoughts?
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