Gum Shields

10 Jul 2008
I have question about gum shields, and this is aimed more at young children as I have a 7 year old that is starting to play Hockey and he has nice teeth - want to keep them that way as already had a tooth incident with other child in a park!

Anyway, gumshields.

I bought one online for him and it's a boil and bite one. I can't afford a dentist custom fit vacuum moulded one as he is young and teeth/jaw changing/growing all the time. I tried to mould it with him last night but can't get a good fit....well...atleast I think I can't. This type is the common upper teeth only type, and it will only stay in if he bites down on the gum shield to hold it in place...

1: Is this normal to have to bite down on it to hold in?

If yes:
2: If yes then how is he expected to breath only through the nose?
3: If yes how is he expected to communicate?

If no:
4: Can you get ones that fit so well that they stay attached to the upper teeth even with your mouth open?
5: If so where/which ones are best for a 7 year old?

Does anyone else have any experience/advice when it comes to Gum Shields?
Much appreciated.
10 May 2004
As above, they should stay attached to your top teeth.

I use a shock doctor but it was a real pain to get moulded. It probably took me about an hour and a half in total but now it fits perfectly.