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Had first bike 3 months - first serious crash

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by britboy4321, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Felix


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    Im glad I got legal cover when I bought my bike insurance this week!
  2. Sagalout


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    Its a while since I read the highway code, but pretty sure that flashing your lights is supposed to be a warning sign anyway, and shoudn't be interpreted as giving way (despite the reality that everyone uses it for that reason).

    Doesnt sound like the car driver has a leg to stand on.

    Edit - just read the hands waving thing - thats ridiculous! He's saying that you had time to flashyour lights, then take your hand off the left hand bar to wave at him, the rode into him anyway for the fun of it?!

    Definitely fight it mate
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  3. redeye_uk

    Wise Guy

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    dunno much about bikes, but is the accelerator on the left or right handle? (i.e. if its on the left how could you accelerate into him if you were waving with said hand)
  4. Morgoth


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    Bloody hell, this has turned into a bit of a horror show for you OP. It's an absolute disgrace that the car driver has decided to be a total ass about the whole thing.
  5. Fireskull


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    Front brake and accelerator is on the RHS, clutch is on the Left so if he was slowing down to let somebody out both hands would most likely still be on the handlebars.
  6. growse


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    Throttle on the right, clutch on the left. Bikers don't tend to wave people with their hands because they tend to lose a lot of control over what's going on.
  7. Chabsy


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    Yes, i wonder how many people have been injured after hiting "safety cameras"
  8. SupermotoMX

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    Joined: Feb 22, 2010

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    you was lucky, first crash i had was 30mph, broke my femur wrist and damaged ligamens in both knee's. and i was in full gear.

    van decided he didnt like waiting and pulled into the side of me. completely his fault... insurance still ongoing.
  9. Totality


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    I feel bad for the OP! I can't believe that the insurance company is folding so easily, but it just goes to show that they pamper the people who say "they had shock", etc. If you're honest and say you're fine they don't care.

    I had a head on (in my car) in a country lane. I had come to a stop and the guy was going so fast he couldnt stop in time and smashed me backwards. His crappy Renault Espace people carrier was written off but my 2007 Golf just had a dented bumper and I could drive home on it without issue after having the RAC out to check the engine over.

    The police came and went within a few minutes as "no-one was injured" and the guy admitted fault. Next day my neck was killing but I didnt bother putting in an "injured" insurance claim as other than that I was fine. When it came to the insurance claim part of things the guy changed his story and said I was going too fast - despite me giving photos showing the my Golf had its breaks applied and my skidmarks were going BACKWARDS because my numberplate, etc were under his car! If I was going fast and he was stopped the law of physics state the he doesnt bounce forward and push me backwards!

    Ended up with him claiming for "whiplash" and the claim eventually went 50/50 despite me telling the insurance company I wanted to go to court as I had all the photos, the police had turned up and he had admitted blame at the scene.

    I was so angry that I wanted to drive to his house but my family persuaded me not to do something stupid and I just had to get over it. I lost all faith in the insurance industry after that and have bought a mini-camera to mount to my car and one for the bike too!

    Haven't got round to fitting it yet, but have a look on ebay for "gum cameras". They are tiny, cost about £10 from china and the video quality is actually pretty decent and records in 640x480 with good sound too! Easily small enough to fit into my bike fairing and so cheap that if it gets wet or breaks I can get another one. Just need to find a way to fit it now but then again I bet the insurance companies just wouldn't care even if I gave them video evidence :( If I ever get knocked off my bike I'm definitely going to claim personal injury and have no moral problem with ripping off any insurance company!

    Here's an example of the video (its not mine though!). Not bad for £10 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGXN4fhsMMU
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2010
  10. kinger88


    Joined: Jan 4, 2010

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    Sorry for your accident, sounds like you were lucky! But i deffently agree what people are saying on here. Fight it all they way. It was not your fault so why should you have to suffer for it. It could of been allot worse and you could be in hospital.

    I hate when people lie, i had a crash in 2008. Was my fault, held up my hands, admitted fault no problem. It didn't even occur to me to lie or change my statement. It has happened to my mate twice. A car drove into him, he got out but the car drove away. No damage to his car, so didnt report it. A week later the he got a letter from the insurance company saying they had made a claim! Luckily when he said he wanted to take it to court and it all went quiet. Second time a guy in a audi forced his way past him on country road and wrecked the side of his car. He got out and blamed by friend so it was his fault, eventhough my friend was stationary, the police were called and again luckily the police are backing up my friend. But it really does grind my gears. Why do people think they can get away with it!
  11. Danm54

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    There is no better way to help yourself than wearing the right gear.

    Ive been riding for a year now and ive got textiles, they came with padding and armour, an upgrade on the soft back protector is this years first buy.

    Ive had my fair share of close calls but ive been lucky enough to predict whats going to happen, although a went straight to a 600 so ive been taking it easy and trying to stay out of trouble, still having fun though.

    Id say you got lucky this time, its so easy to do serious damage to yourself even at slow speeds, if the car had pulled out later and hit you side on you'd be looking at a broken leg and 6 months off the bike. Count your luck stars, get a new lid and get the bike ready for the sunny days ahead!

  12. Wyvern971

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    The legal cover isn't really worth anything, all they ended up doing when I had an accident was saying we'll take it as far as 50/50 anything other than that you'll bear the costs yourself. :(
  13. mejinks


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    Go to Insurance ombudsman?
  14. men8ifr


    Joined: Feb 26, 2006

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    I think you got lucky - now you have to work out how you're going to avoid the same type of accident in the future....