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Hagler v Hearns

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Rex-Kramer, 15 May 2010.

  1. Rex-Kramer

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    Just watched this again, going through some super bouts.

    Is this the best boxing match ever? I simply defy anyone to find a better round of boxing than the first round of that fight.

    If anyone hasnt seen it, its 9 minutes of your life you will not waste!
  2. Von Smallhausen

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    Agree entirely.

    3 rounds of savagery. Hagler and Hearns hated one another and it shows.

    Big fan of them both, more so Hagler. He was truly awesome.
  3. The Mad Rapper


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  4. support_bae


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    Gatti vs Ward Trilogy = Greatest of All Time

    This comes close but Gatti vs Ward > *

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  5. Makunouchi


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    I full support this. Gatti has always been my absolute favourite boxer, no one else shows such strong will and determination to continue in a tight situation. I love all his fights.

    Gatti v. Robinson is also a fantastic fight.

    However if we are talking about individual rounds I like the first round of Barrera v. Morales I for one of the most vicious.
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  6. zootfloot

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    Hagler v Hearns for me as an amazing round of boxing.

    However for a full fight of toe to toe kickassness then i would highly recommend David Tua v Ike Ibeabuchi.

    I remember watching this on VHS when i was a youngster (think it would have been '96 or '97.

  7. Makunouchi


    Joined: 4 Feb 2008

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    Location: Brighton

    Just watched that fight zootfloot, a truly amazing match, the most punches thrown in a Heavyweight fight ever, a record that still stands I believe. Incredible athletes.