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Hamstring issues

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by mpledge52, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. mpledge52

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    I'm a fairly active guy, I do a reasonable amount of cycling, play sports and go to the gym. However, any leg work I do at the gym is becoming more and more troublesome. It started off a couple of years ago when I did some heavy squats and felt a light twinge in my hamstrings, and the next day it turned into excruciating cramping which lasted almost a week. Now I get those similar twinges more and more frequently, but I stop as soon as I feel it so it rarely develops into full blown cramping. Sometimes a simple warm up set of body weight squats or empty bar deadlifts would set me off.

    It's not a painful, it only becomes painful if it cramps up in the following days. It's almost as if DOMS sets in immediately rather than a couple of days later.

    I tried doing extended warm ups/downs, more stretching and foam rollers more but nothing seemed to help. I gave up on any kind of leg work for a few months to see if rest helped, but that was no good either.

    One problem I have with stretching is that I struggle to hit the target the problem area. It's high up my hamstrings, right under the bottom of my bum cheek, and feels quite deep. Any hamstring stretches I do I feel further down near my knee.

    Any tips/tricks/ideas that might help?
  2. planty

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    This may seem slightly unhelpful but realistically the best thing you can do is visit a physio.
  3. Marvt74


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    If it's that high up could it be more glute related?
  4. Delvis


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    This possibly.

    But the hams do go far up