Hauppauge TV card and Dual core issues?

26 Aug 2005
Slough, Berkshire
Ive had a Hauppauge HVR-1300 Digital/Analogue TV card in my PC for a while now and it was running absolutely fine, but since replacing the single core 3000+ processor with a dual core 3800+, Ive had lots of hard lockups when watching TV and browsing the net. Installed the processor with/without otimizers and drivers, but the computer would always lock up - maybe after minutes or even hours. I even did a reinstall of XP and hey ho.... it still does it!

Now, i trawled thru some forums and discovered that if I removed the Hauppauge IR remote control drivers, the PC would be 100% stable. And since doing that my computer is indeed totally stable. Ive lost the remote function, but at least the PC is reliable. Anyone else encounter this problem? Any solutions that will let me use the remote??

Thanks in advance.
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